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Bring Something Delicious, Exciting and Provocative to the Table

It’s time to break free from convention and ramp up the allure at wine time.   

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Wine Shipping: We are currently able to ship wines in the United States to California. Local pick-up is available at the Custom Crush Winery tasting room located at 300 S. Lewis Rd., Suite C, Camarillo, CA 93012. Please call ahead to schedule local pick up at 805-484-0597. Cheers!w


The universal appeal of wine makes a bottle of velvety Cabernet Sauvignon, a bottle of crisp Chardonnay or a bottle of exquisite Rose’ the perfect choice when it’s time to enkindle some sultry conversation. Nothing heats up the passion like the power of suggestion invoked when you present your lover with a provocatively named bottle of wine.


Giving the gift of sexy wine is an excellent way to remind someone that they are special on their birthday, their anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just as a thoughtful surprise. Dinnertime discussion is colored by the presence of a playful bottle and electrified by the anticipation sparked by some cleverly playful labelling. Sharing a bottle of sexy wine with someone you care about is also an intimate way of expressing commitment, partnership, openness and abundance.     


A bottle of sexy wine is a great way to celebrate a romantic relationship that has reached a significant milestone or one that is deepening in closeness. Vibe Wines has answered the call for more meaningfully romantic gifts by taking sexy wines to the next level and pairing them with adult pleasure products . You can choose the perfect vino, toys, massage products, erotic books, and adult games based on your special someone’s personality, propensities and sense of humor.


Starting out the evening by uncorking a bottle can set the stage for open-minded fun, intimate communication and adventurous play. Treat yourself to a bottle of sexy wine such as All The Way Rose to enjoy during some much needed “me time.”


You can also be the talk of the evening by showing up to the bachelorette party with a bottle of Naughty Play Chardonnay or Savage Tendencies. Surprise your partner on your anniversary with a bottle of the reassuringly named Captivate Me or a bottle of the mischievously suggestive Sultry Seduction.



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