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Creative Gifts Pairing Wine, Passion and Fun

Turn the often tedious act of gift shopping for your significant other and feisty friends into an enjoyable experience in the art of giving. Sexy Pairings™ blend the appeal of inspired wine, lingerie, massage products, alluring jewelry, and hilarious games to create an unforgettable experience. 


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The exceptional people in your life deserve thoughtful, exciting and creative gifts that reflect their character and speak to their personalities. That’s why Vibe Wines™ has done some innovative legwork for people who want to make a lasting impression with an amazing gift.

Vibe Wines™ has assembled an array of alluring items that carry universal appeal among adventurous adults. Dynamic people who love zest, zeal, play and pizzazz will be awestruck when they are presented with wine, books and games that engage their varied interests and nurture a love of healthy sexual communication.

You can create Sexy Pairings™ to fit specific personalities and relationships. You can custom-tailor a gift to suit every nuance of an occasion, whether it’s a surprise gift for your girlfriend or a spontaneous gift for a one year anniversary or a creative gift for a wedding anniversary. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that of all the goodies received by a couple of newlyweds, the specifically assembled package you sent is the one making them the most anxious to be alone together at last.

We want a long-term relationship with you!

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