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The Power of Sexy Gifts  

Vibe Wines™ has an abundance of creative gift ideas and Sexy Gift Sets that will spark your partner’s imagination and nurture the attraction between your adventurous adult friends. Seductive wines, fascinating intimate toys and adult games come together in Sexy Pairings™ that you can custom arrange to suit an array of personalities, tastes and inclinations.


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Sexy Gifts $20 and Under 

Wedding Gifts

It is time to embrace the fact that picture frames, boxes of assorted candy and argyle ties are less like gifts and more like empty gestures -- especially to someone you cherish. Generic gifts take up space but they don’t reach out to the receiver and say “I truly care about you!” Often times, instead, they merely whisper “Sorry, I just couldn’t find anything cool.” Sexy gifts let you avoid these drawbacks by singing out to the exceptional people in your life: “Hey! I think about you often, I care about your happiness and I want you to know for certain that you are special!”

The Art of Giving

Vibe Wines™ lets you reclaim the autonomy of giving by presenting a diverse variety of items that can be paired together to create exciting, sexy gifts. Occasions for Creative Gift Ideas include:

Anniversary Celebrations

Help that special couple keep the fire ablaze or to even re-ignite the spark. When they open their sexy gifts, imagine their intrigue and excitement when they see a bottle of Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon, the Natalie Intimate Kit and the Fifty Days of Play Game.

Bachelor Parties

On a day of celebration filled with gags, wacky surprises and wobbly toasts, you can trump the rest of the fellas by stepping things up a notch. He will turn as crimson as the Chateau Diana Risk Taker Red Blend Wine when he sees the OptiMALE Reversible UR3 Stroker and the Big Butt Book 3D.

Bachelorette Parties

Break free from typical Bachelorette party accessories and present the bride-to-be with an array of sexy gifts. Instead of the sighs brought on by another set of penis-shaped drinking straws, you can elicit giggles and applause with a bottle of Chateau Diana Pleasure Party Moscato, the Bettie Page Wild n' Willing Wrist Cuffs, the Bachelorette Team Bride Rose Ribbon Set and the Bachelorette Dares Game Cards.

Birthday Parties  

On a good friend’s favorite day you can really practice the art of giving by selecting wines and toys that speak to their personality. If she has a certain zest for living, make her day with a bottle of Naked on Roller Skates Shiraz and Mataro and a Shibari My Way Wireless Body Wand Massager. If he is the outgoing yet self-reliant single type -- help him relax with a bottle of Naked Winery 2014 Booty Call Blush and an OptiMALE UR3 Vibrating Stroker.

Divorce Finalization Parties

You can help a friend celebrate their freedom and the beginning of a new chapter in life with a pairing of sexy gifts designed to affirm that single is beautiful and life is good. The Happy Bitch Sauvignon Blanc and the Nimbus Mini Vibrator make a great combo for her while the OMAN Challenge Vibrating Ring and the Naked Winery 2013 Penetration Cabernet Sauvignon are excellent surprises for him.

Engagement Parties

When lovers take that next step to form that special bond, it tends to affect everyone in their circles in a positive way. This is when creative gift ideas are especially important, as every wedding gift cliche’ has been effectively played out. Let your jubilation be known with a bottle of Chateau Diana Sparkling Moscato, a pair of Bijou Indiscrets Frou Frou Satin Cuffs and a Jopen Ego Silicon Couples Ring.

Me Time

Sometimes you have to be your own best friend and reward yourself with some alone time. The best way to apply a healthy dose of self-love is by outfitting your adventure with items that are sure to make it exceptional. Relax with a glass of Fifty Shades of Grey Red Satin Petit Sirah and Syrah while experiencing the Screaming O 3+1 Soft Touch Bullet Vibrator or the Mood Exciter Sleeve.   

Wedding Celebrations   

For many people, their wedding day is the biggest event of their lives. A great way to practice the art of giving is to really delve into their personalities and create a Sexy Pairing that lets them know you wish them the very best. Help send them on their way to wedded bliss with a bottle of Passion Has Red Lips Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, the Happily Ever After Romance Kit and Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After.  




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