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Vibe Wines

Vibe Wines ships non-alcoholic products throughout the United States. We do not currently offer International shipping.
All non-alcoholic products can be shipped anywhere in the United States. 
We are currently able to ship wines in the United States to California.
All wine orders must be shipped with FedEx.
Non-wine orders may be shipped with USPS or FedEx.
All orders are packaged in a discreet unbranded box or a delivery carrier branded box.  The sender and billing name will be SSG Digital Concepts, LLC. 
Wine Shipping:
The delivery carrier will require a signature from someone 21 years of age or older in order to make the wine delivery. This person cannot be visually intoxicated. If you or your gift recipient are not able to be home to sign for your packages, we suggest having the shipment sent to a business address where someone 21 years of age or older is available to sign for the packages. Please remember that all shipments are sent in discreet packaging.
You can make specific arrangements with the carrier handling your delivery by calling the carrier directly and providing the package tracking number. 
FedEx offers tracking at 
The delivery carrier will make several attempts to deliver the package and then will either destroy the package or return the package to us. If it is returned and you would like your package to be reshipped to you or your gift recipient, you will be charged a return shipment fee.  All associated costs will be the responsibility of and be charged to the customer. We will not be able to refund any purchase of product, wine or shipping and handling charges if your package is destroyed or returned to us because there wasn't someone over 21 available to sign for the wine.
FedEx Ground shipping delivery is 2-7 business days depending on your state. If you need it faster or due to weather conditions please consider choosing 2-Day or 3-Day shipping (coming soon). 
If weather conditions are not favorable for shipping you can request a shipping date further out (we suggest more than 14 days from the purchase date) under Shipping Options - "Weather Hold - Request a Future Ship Date".  We will then ship your order when weather conditions improve. We will contact you to discuss the timing of the shipment. If you leave the date as the current date of purchase and do not request a later delivery date, we will ship as soon as possible with the understanding that you are comfortable with current weather conditions. We will ship the wine as safely as possible for transport but please be advised that Vibe Wines is not responsible for wine damaged due to extreme weather conditions.
Shipping Conditions:
Wine is a perishable product and extreme weather conditions, either hot or cold, can impact its overall quality (e.g. hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit or colder than 35 degrees Fahrenheit). During times of inclement weather, either extreme heat or extreme cold, Vibe Wines reserves the right to delay wine shipments until conditions improve.  If you’re shipping to an extreme temperature climate during the summer or winter months, we recommend upgrading your shipping method to 2-day. Please be advised that Vibe Wines is not responsible for wine damaged due to extreme weather conditions. 
Title of Wine:
Title to and ownership of wine purchased from this website passes from Vibe Wines to the purchaser in the State of California. The risk of loss for all purchased items also passes from Vibe Wines to the purchaser in the same manner and at the same time title passes to the purchaser. Vibe Wines does not convey or intimate the right of any person to transport wine across any state border. By utilizing this service, the purchaser represents that he or she is at least 21 years of age and if there is a recipient that they are also at least 21 years of age. Vibe Wines reserves the right to choose any and all procedures, packaging and transporter of sold merchandise. Vibe Wines assumes no liability for breach of any regulation by the purchaser. Vibe Wines assumes no liability for any misinterpretation of the above provisions.


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