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Vibe Wines™ Introduces a Provocative Line of Sexy Wines Setting the Tone for Passion and Romance

Thousand Oaks, CA - December 10, 2018 - The infamous Roman proverb states: “fortune favors the bold” -- an idea that is championed by the forthright approach of Vibe Wines™.  This  marketing initiative adopts an unflinching attitude towards intimate relationships by embracing the deliberate pursuit of pleasure, passion and romance. This idea is based on the philosophy that healthy sexual communication occurs when wishes, tastes and desires are defined, discussed and explored. Here, the exact intention to inspire foreplay and incite lovemaking are stated in bold, creative names that are enhanced by tasteful, sexy images.     
Savage Tendencies™ Sauvignon Blanc, Sultry Seduction™ Syrah, Naughty Play™ Chardonnay, All the Way™ Rosé of Syrah  and Captivate Me™ Cabernet Sauvignon make spirited, playful statements that awaken the appetite and arouse the imagination. These suggestive names inspire adventure and excitement by suggesting what stands to transpire once the cork is popped.  
These innovations are the latest offerings in a marketing subset dubbed by one Huffington Post writer as Naughty Wine Brands. Unlike some labels, however, these Vibe Wines deliver both the sizzle and the steak, with alluring names that are backed by the exquisite creations of a boutique winery.
Additionally, Vibe Wines™ has created a new set of dimensions in the adult gifting niche called Sexy Pairings™. These gift sets create unforgettable escapades by titillating the senses with the delights of sexy wines while enhancing the experience through passionate bath and body products, exciting books and intimacy enhancing games.   
Savage Tendencies™ Sauvignon Blanc awakens your lover’s wild side with untamed aromas of lust and desire and flavors that caress, arouse and inspire. This wine is perfectly suited for adventurous lovers who are excited by the possibilities of items like ultra sexy lingerie and an excerpt or two from Anything for You Erotica for Kinky Couples.       
Sultry Seduction™ Syrah ushers in an evening of relaxed, steady seduction with tempting aromas that ease inhibitions, textures that arouse the adventurous spirit and savory flavors that inspire surrender to sensual touch. This enticing wine is the perfect complement for the allure of a relaxing massage and the explicit adventures in Naughty Bedtime Stories.
Naughty Play™ Chardonnay indulges your partner’s thirst for intimacy and passion with devilishly tempting scents, textures and tastes. This is the ultimate wine pairing for a crisp, electric experience, especially for lovers who enjoy sexy accessories and the exquisite scents of pheromone attractants. 
All the Way™ Rosé appeals to those who can’t wait to embark on excursions of ecstasy. An electric blend of bright character and fresh fruit inspires thirst to create new adventures and experience deeper fulfillment. This wine is ideally paired with a hot affair with your partner and a game of Monogamy. 
Captivate Me™ Cabernet is a wine named for couples enjoying definitive occasions of quality time together. Enticingly spicy aromas blend with a deep red character -- perfect for celebrations of the unique synergy between distinctive personalities. Lovers can orchestrate exquisitely smooth sips with the intimate aspects of sensual massage and some arousing pictorials.      
These wines are the latest in an exciting array of products designed to enhance romance, to promote healthy communication and to amplify intimate experiences to exhilarating heights.
Visitors to are encouraged to choose Sexy Pairings™ based on their personal tastes, their partner’s preferences or the specific fixations of any intended recipient.  
An alluring list of pre-designed Sexy Pairings™ are available for just about any occasion including anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, engagements, holidays, Valentine’s Day, relationship reconnection and many others.
Connie Savage
199 West Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Ph: 844-225-VIBE (8423)


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