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Vibe Wines


Connie Savage ~ Founder of Vibe Wines™, Creator of Sexy Pairings™

In 2015, Advertising & Sales Executive Connie Savage devised a marketing concept so seductive and ripe with potential -- it inspired her to launch a new company -- Vibe Wines™.  She decided to harness her 20+ years of experience in business, marketing and sales to become an innovative online entrepreneur. 
A playfully-named bottle of wine and a desire to develop a new marketing niche inspired this brand. Research revealed that this wine label was, in fact, being successfully marketed on a large scale. This led to the realization that if demand could sustain a brand with such a racy name, perhaps it was possible to expand on a sub-niche of the wine market.
The vision was to combine the playfulness of provocatively-named wines with irresistible products for adults. Wine and intimacy have always gone hand-in-hand, so it made sense to align that dynamic with the alluring elements of adult accessories and the intimate appeal of sexy books and games. The result was an exceptionally original class of gift sets called Sexy Pairings™. The versatility of this line was practically limitless, with a wide variety of potential pairings based on the tastes and preferences of the receiver.
She focused her sights on the adult gifting niche, intent on leveraging an untapped overlap between wine and adult products. It was clear that Sexy Pairings™ could satisfy a growing demand for more exciting, stimulating and imaginative ideas that would put the meaning and joy back into the act of giving -- be it to others or to oneself.
The unique value presented by the Sexy Pairings™ concept was versatility. One element served to empower the role wine plays in bringing people together and enabling communication. Meanwhile, the other aspects of the gifting dynamic would meet the needs for relaxation, intimacy and ecstasy -- regardless of the occasion -- be it engagement, bachelorette party, bridal shower, marriage, anniversary, birthday, weekend getaway, relationship reconnection, Valentine’s Day and even divorce.   
As an enthusiast who has always been enchanted by the romance of winemaking, she also dreamed of someday being the purveyor of her own line of wines. Her foray into this venture involved a steep learning curve, as she had to immerse herself into the complexities of selling wine online and the intricacies of winemaking. She launched in late 2015, offering an impressive variety of sexy wines, adult toys, intimate accessories, lingerie and erotic books. By 2016, it was apparent that making her own wine brand would give way to more favorable expansion opportunities. Completion of this process enabled the launch of her first two labels -- Sultry Seduction Syrah and Naughty Play Chardonnay. These were soon followed by Savage Tendencies Sauvignon Blanc, Captivate Me Cabernet, and All the Way Rosé.  
Connie explains that the focus of Vibe Wines™ is to align the proven appeal of wine as a social lubricant with the acceptance of adult accessories into the mainstream conversation. The brand also supports the crucial role self-love plays in overall happiness -- championing the idea that if you love yourself, then you are better equipped to participate in the happiness of another person. The ultimate achievement of Sexy Pairings™ is the creation of high-value, quality time between partners characterized by zest, sensuality, fulfillment and fun.    
Forging forward, Connie plans to expand distribution of her wines while continuing to offer the finest adult products available. Vibe Wines™ is set to be the ultimate adult-gifting resource -- pairing the positive effects of wine and passion to enhance romance for everyone.  

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