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The Masculine Champion 


Max 4 Men MAX Control Male Prolong Spray, VelvOr JNaja Ring, Naked Winery 2013 Oh Orgasmic Tempranillo

Innovative male products and accessories can enhance prolonged intercourse, powerful erections and profound orgasms for men. Hypersensitivity can sometimes cause overstimulation at the onset of intercourse leading to the fun ending sooner than expected. The Masculine Champion is A Sexy Gift of Wine and Adult Toys For Him to enhance the romance.

Max 4 Men MAX Control Male Prolong Spray provides a subtle numbing effect that allows him to last longer without affecting a partner’s sensitivity, so that both have enough time to experience climax.  

The VelvOr JNaja Ring features a modern improvement on the time-tested C-ring. An advanced ergonomic design hugs the contours of the male anatomy while a specially designed tab extends from one end of the ring, massaging the perineum for added stimulation. The overall effect is the ability to maintain an erection through increased blood flow and enough support to stay on the brink of orgasm for an extended period of time. Men who enjoy the sensation of being “ringed” can even wear this accessory throughout the day, evening, wherever and whenever they like.

A bottle of Naked Winery 2013 Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo is the perfect complement to the evening’s theme when it’s time to toast to the inevitably exquisite climax. Cheers! 

A Sexy Gift of Wine and Adult Toys For Him
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Pleasure Product
Pleasure Product

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