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Persephone's Pleasure

Love in Luxury Silky Sheets Pheromone Mist, Love in Luxury Pheromone Massage Oil Candle and Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon

The Greek goddess Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, was adored for her captivating attributes of flowery fragrance, earthy freshness and breathtaking beauty. Transform your boudoir into a palace of aromatic allure with powerful elements appealing to touch, smell and taste. The bliss of your bed becomes an olfactory paradise with just a few dispersions of Love in Luxury Silky Sheets Pheromone Mist. Immerse your lover in a soft, wooded medley of Cassis berries, Indian Jasmine, Mediterranean fig with subtle, inspiring hints of chiffon musk.

As your partner eases into a relaxed state, the playful flickers of the Love in Luxury Pheromone Massage Oil Candle release sensual whispers of acai berry, coconut, red currant and white lily. The flame melts the candle into a silky caressing oil that is ideal for ramping up the experience into an indulgently erotic caressing session. An occasional taste of Monogamy Cabernet Sauvignon makes a perfectly pleasing complement to the captivating bouquet and deeply divine massage. Similar to the ancient story itself, you can sweep your partner away into a world that is wonderfully removed from reality and instead, imbued in imagination, mystery and myth.        

A Seductive Gift of Pheromone Enhanced Products and Romantic Wine for Lovers
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Pheromone Mist
Pheromone Massage Candle

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