Lustful Vibes Sexy Gift Set For Her
Lustful Vibes Sexy Gift Set For Her
Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Massager Vibrator
Women In Lust Erotic Stories
sliquid H2O lubricant
Lustful Vibes Sexy Gift Set For Her
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This sexy gift set for her includes: Femme Funn Ultra Bullet Massager VibratorWomen In Lust Erotic Stories and Sliquid Lubricant.

Your imagination is the doorway to fantasy-fueled fulfillment, and empowering it with lustful ideas is an exciting part of healthy masturbation. It is a fact that your brain is the most powerful erogenous zone. You can optimize your cerebrally inspired pleasure by delving into explicitly written fantasies and some good vibrations.

The scenarios in Women in Lust Erotic Stories present adventurous women in exotic settings attracting and soon coupling with alluring characters. Expand this experience by introducing the imagery in your mind to the sensual hum of the Femme Fun Ultra Bullet Massager Vibrator. This smooth, discreet accessory is made of 100% medical grade silicone and delivers pleasure at 20 titillating speeds. This toy is waterproof and lube-friendly, so a dab or two of the water-based Sliquid Lubricant will put the finishing touches on your self-pleasure session. This conveniently repeatable experience will have you sweetly buzzing -- mind and body -- for days to come.         

This gift set comes in a shiny red two piece gift box wrapped in a double-sided black satin ribbon, so that it can be delivered in style and stored with discretion. 

If you live in a state where we can ship wine (we are working on adding more!), you can purchase this gift set with wine, too. All products come gift giving ready in sexy black gift box. 

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